Building Design

Our Services

Designing Spaces specialise in a range of building design services, including:

  • New homes
  • Renovations
  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial works
  • Multi-residential developments
  • Shop fit-out specifications, fittings and furnishings
  • Thermal performance assessments (energy reports)
  • Town planning
  • Heritage projects
  • Site analysis
  • Colour consultation (exterior and interior)
  • Materials selection (exterior and interior)
  • Concept design and development
  • Council liaison
  • Product specifications and finishes scheduling
  • Electrical and joinery detailing, and artificial lighting plans
  • Permit assistance

Our Process

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01. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation Designing Spaces will discuss the basic requirements and goals for your project and determine the objectives based on the site controls, budget and planning and building requirements.

Based on this information a design brief is then developed including the style, size, room
requirements and building elements for your project and a quotation to carry out the works provided.

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02. Site Visit

A site visit involves developing a site analysis for your project. This takes into account the site’s attributes, levels, views, neighbourhood characteristics, solar access and design, privacy and the relevance to town planning requirements. Further discussion regarding initial conceptual ideas also takes place during this stage.

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03. Concept Design

The concept design stage is when the building designer brings together your design brief requirements, site analysis information and conceptual discussion to create your initial development concept. The concept design will incorporate available passive solar design characteristics and thermal design elements, and aims to meet the preferred style, budget and characteristics you desire.

You will be provided with floor plans with basic elements, elevations showing the external materials, windows and door sizes and their locations, and basic perspective views.

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04. Design Development

After considering your concept designs, the design development stage provides you with the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback to your designer about your plans. Through this discussion and subsequent revisions your project will reach your desired outcome and an initial costing estimate can be sought from prospective builders. If required further development can be prepared pending the builder consultation and we can provide assistance in finding a suitable builder for your project.

You will be provided with floor plans with basic elements, elevations showing the external materials, windows and door sizes and their locations, and basic perspective views.

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05. Town Planning

This stage is only relevant to projects that are under planning controls, which is determined and advised during the initial consultation and quotation. If required Designing Spaces provides town planning by preparing relevant planning documentation via drawings and written correspondence. Your building designer will complete the process from lodgement to the council’s decision.

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06. Construction Documentation

Construction documentation is when your building designer will prepare the detailed drawings to be submitted for building permit approval and to complete the builder quotation.

Typical construction documentation will include:

  • Floor plans with full dimensions, wall sizes and beam locations
  • Elevations with material detailing
  • Perspective views with three dimensional imagery
  • Cross sections with structural detailing for relevant building methods and materials
  • Site plan with site dimensions, levels, stormwater layout and building setbacks
  • Window and door schedules and elements
  • Construction details including building element specification and detailing
  • Slab design
  • Bracing plans including method detailing and location for all wind speed classifications
  • Structural framing plans

Optional additional documentation can include:

  • Electrical plans
  • Floor covering plans
  • Joinery detailing
  • Fittings and finishes schedules

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07. Thermal Performance Assessment (Energy Report)

Following the initial assessment during the concept stage, the final thermal performance assessment is completed during the construction documentation stage with the requirements added to the final plans. This report ensures the solar design principles will achieved the desired energy efficient rating.

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08. Bushfire Attack Level Assessment

To compile a bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment information is obtained during the site visit to ascertain a BAL rating. The requirements to meet that rating are then documented in the construction documentation.

We have used Nathan for several projects, both residential and commercial. Nathan really takes the time to distinguish your individual needs before the drafting process even begins. We have always walked away from Nathan's office with a sense of content that he will produce an amazing result, we've never been disappointed!

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